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{Previous Puppies}

Please enjoy these pictures from some of our previous litters! (Sorry, these pups are not available.)

cute tri pup.jpg
pretty purple.jpg
regal pup.jpg
prev pup two.jpg

The puppy above is now an AKC Champion! See pictures below!

garden pup.jpg
mom and baby pup.jpg
puppies over fence.jpg
prev pup five.jpg
big pup pic_edited.jpg
prev pup one.jpg
pretty pup.jpg
prev pup six.jpg
blen and tri.jpg
chis pup.jpg
cute tri maybe.jpg
puppies playing.jpg
plant pup.jpg
big face.jpg
garden puppies.jpg
great blen one.jpg

Owner send-in pictures!

(Please send your very best picture of your pup you've adopted from me to be featured here!)

Indy show picture.jpg
mr deeds one.jpg
mr deeds two.jpg
deeds five.jpg
birdie cute.jpg
deeds one.jpg
deeds two.jpg
b and f.jpg
ch sired sophie.jpg
perla this win photo.jpg
rup two web.jpg
rup for website.jpg
rup three.jpg
blen for web_edited.jpg
mandy and perla_edited_edited.jpg
fall pup.jpg
dogg o sleep.jpg
pretty run dog.jpg
sharp puppy.jpg
puppies on fence.jpg
tarten pup.jpg
pup on bed.jpg
grass dog.jpg
american dog.png
pup with stuffed animal.jpg
cute garden puppies.jpg
perla at show.jpg
baby toy.jpg
close up.jpg
golf ball.jpg
pretty girls.jpg
in flowers.jpg
beachy pup.jpg
simone one.jpg
cute tri_edited.jpg
puppies 8_edited.jpg
test puppy pic_edited.jpg
puppies 7_edited.jpg
puppies 3_edited.jpg
puppies 2_edited.jpg
puppies 9_edited.jpg
puppies 6_edited.jpg
puppies 4_edited.jpg
puppies 5_edited.jpg
puppies 1_edited.jpg
puppies 43_edited.jpg
prev pup three.jpg
puppies 40_edited.jpg
puppies 39_edited.jpg
prev pup seven.jpg
puppies 10_edited.jpg
web pic 16_edited.jpg
puppies 44_edited.jpg
puppies 42_edited.jpg
puppies 41_edited.jpg
for website.jpg
puppies 16_edited.jpg
puppies 12_edited.jpg
puppies 15_edited.jpg
puppies 31_edited.jpg
puppies 37_edited.jpg
puppies 38_edited.jpg
puppies 26_edited.jpg
puppies 17_edited.jpg
puppies 36.jpg
puppies 34.jpg
puppies 23_edited.jpg
pup pup two.jpg
puppies 20_edited.jpg
pup pup one.jpg
puppies 25_edited.jpg
web pic 15_edited.jpg
web pic 14_edited.jpg
web pic 2_edited.jpg
web pic 13_edited.jpg
web pic 10_edited.jpg
web pic 5_edited.jpg
web pic 9_edited.jpg
web pic 8_edited.jpg
web pic 7_edited.jpg
porter win two.jpg
website pic 1_edited.jpg
web pic 3_edited.jpg
web pic 4_edited.jpg
silly pup _edited.jpg
aspen and barkley.jpg
pic for web 37.jpg
pic for web 25.jpg
pic for web 22.jpg
pic for web 19.jpg
pic for web 14.jpg
pic for web 12.jpg
pic for web eight.jpg
pic for web 84.jpg
pic for web nine.jpg
pic for web 21.jpg
pic for web 26.jpg
pic for web 34.jpg
aspen three.jpg
pic for web 33.jpg
pic for web 52.jpg
pic for web 30.jpg
pic for web 53.jpg
pic for web 68.jpg
pic for web 48.jpg
pic for web 51.jpg
pic for web 72.jpg
porter aspen barkley.jpg
pic for web 65.jpg
pic for web ten.jpg
pic for web 83.jpg
pic for web 42.jpg
pic for web 40.jpg
pic for web 39.jpg
pic for web 38.jpg
pic for web 32.jpg
pic for web 23.jpg
pic for web two.jpg
pic for web 70.jpg
pic for web 64.jpg
pic for web 49.jpg
pic for web 50.jpg
pic for web 47.jpg
pic for web 29.jpg
pic for web 43.jpg
pic for web seven.jpg
pic for web 76.jpg
pic for web eleven.jpg
perla at show.jpg
pic for web 78.jpg
pic for web 69.jpg
pic for web 20.jpg
aspen one.jpg
pic for web 54.jpg
pic for web 41.jpg
pic for web 35.jpg
pic for web 31.jpg
pic for web 79.jpg
pic for web 24.jpg
pic for web 36.jpg
pic for web 27.jpg
pic for web 77.jpg
pic for web 81.jpg
pic for web 75.jpg
perla this win photo.jpg
pic for web16.jpg
pic for web 66.jpg
pic for web 55.jpg
pic for web five.jpg
pic for web 13.jpg
pic for web 67.jpg
porter win photo.jpg
pic for web 17.jpg
pic for web 15.jpg
pic for web 74.jpg
barkley and bentley.jpg
pic for web 59.jpg
aspen one.jpeg
pic for web six.jpg
porter one.jpg
pic for web three.jpg
pic for web 80.jpg
pic for web 86.jpg

More to come soon!

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